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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sweat Free Campus

Re: Exposing Sweatshops Teach-In

A movement is sweeping the land. University and college campuses
everywhere are starting up working groups to raise student's awareness
about the clothes they are wearing.

Students Against Sweatshops is an organization of 200 campuses working on
a national campaign to stop sweatshops. SAS focuses on using the power of
students to support issues of economic and social justice on campus, the
surrounding city and globally. SAS was formed in 1998 as a loose coalition
of students from campus groups working on the Sweat-Free campus campaign.

In fact, University of Toronto's Students Against Sweatshops group have
been successful in meeting with university officials to set up guidelines
around purchasing clothing with Uft logos on them. Uft is officially the
first university campus in Canada to set up policies and procedure for
purchasing these products.

"This is the sort of success which Students Against Sweatshops at Carleton
University are hoping to have in the upcoming year," says Rhonda Major, a
member of Students Against Sweatshops at Carleton. "Currently, we are
interested in engaging students, faculty and staff on campus in a 
dialogue about sweatshop labour and how our purchasing power can be used
as an effective tool for creating change on our campus."

Students Against Sweatshops was founded on the philosophy that the key to
positive change is based on a dialogue between those who are affected by
sweatshop labour, those who profit and those who consume the product,
contributing to the profit. Forms of protest such as boycotting or
brandishing companies involved in sweat labour practices is not always the
most effective means of action. Students Against Sweatshops believes that
their lead must come from the workers themselves.

This Thursday, September 28th at 5:30pm, Students Against Sweatshops will
host their first ever teach-in on campus to look at why Carleton students
should give a damn about sweatshops. Topics to be covered include Gender
and Labour, Racism and Sweatshops, Industrialization and Consumer

The teach-in will be held in room 2203 in Dunton Tower. Hosts of the
teach-in will be available after the discussion to answer any questions.
For more information, contact OPIRG at: 520-2757. 

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