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[OPIRG-EVENTS] human rights in Guatemala

´╗┐Human Rights in Guatemala: Presenting Aura Elena Farfan
October 16th, 7 pm
509A Dunton Tower
Carleton University

Aura Elena Farfan, president of FAMDEGUA (Families of Disapeared-Detained of
Guatemala), will be here for a presentation on October 16th. It will be held
in room 509A in Dunton Tower at Carleton University. The presentation will focus
on the
role of women in the struggle against impunity, and the recent wave of
intimidations against human rights groups. Aura Elena Farfan will also talk
about her organization and its role in Guatemala today. It's a good
oppurtunity to meet someone who has been deeply involved in human rights
activism in Guatemala, for many years. For those who want to learn more
about Guatemala, as much as those who want to know who is everything going
since peace was signed in 1996.

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