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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Press Release -[short form]re sisterLUNE Oct.15


sisterLune and the UU Fellowship of Ottawa

sisterLune , a women’s a capella group is coming to Ottawa on Sunday,
October 15th. The five women will energize the October 15th Sunday
Service of the UU Fellowship of Ottawa with a lively selection of tunes.

They will also perform that afternoon on Parliament Hill as part of the
World Women’s March.
sisterLune is an enthusiastic group from the Niagara region who display
a light-hearted
sincerity in their goal to “change the world just a little bit at a

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Service begins at 10:30 AM, at
Colonel By Secondary School , 2381 Ogilvie Road. All are welcome!
Hart Jansson , Publicity Committee, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of

Phone: 837-2235  Fax 837-7225 E-mail: hartjansson@home.com
Website: www.uufo.cyberus.ca

Website: http://www.vaxxine.com/sisterLune/

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