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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Course Outline for Politics of Resistance

Course Outline

Session # 1 Oct 23rd: Understanding Power
	What is power and where does it come from? Who has it, why? 
What are the sources of power? How do dissenters become empowered?

Session # 2 Nov 6: Understanding Political Action
	What are the assumptions and beliefs we have about political action, 
and are they valid? In concrete terms, what are the mechanisms we use in 
undertaking political action? What is it we’re actually trying to do? 
Added bonus, 197 recipes for nonviolent revolution.

Session # 3 Nov  20: Violence, Nonviolence & Satyagraha
	What are violence, nonviolence & Satyagraha? Which is most 
Session # 4 Dec 4: Struggle
	Throughout history, and all over the planet people engage  in 
“struggle”. In the industrialized West we are “active”. Is there a 
difference? If so, what? And why? Understanding the social dynamic of 
political action.

Session # 5 Jan 8: Successful Social Movements and Campaigns
	Why are some movements successful and others less so. Is it what 
they do, the issues they work on, the opposition they face? The Social 
Movement Empowerment Project, MAP, and Gamson.

Session # 6 Jan 22:  Goals and Roles as Activists 
	As individuals, what can we do? What do we need to be doing?

Session # 7 Feb 5 Strategies for Resistance
	As groups, how can we design our political action for maximum 

Session # Feb 19: Civil Disobedience
	Does civil disobedience work? If it works, why does it work? Tactical 
vs Pure nonviolent resistance. The pragmatics of designing and 
implementing a civil disobedience action.

Session # Mar 5 :  Resistance and the Law
	What’s legal, what isn’t. What will it mean if you deliberately break 
the law. For your issue? For you?

Session # Mar19 From Resolution to Revolution
	Summary and Overview. Whatever outstanding questions, odds and 
ends that need to be dealt with.
Cost: 0 to $50 sliding scale
Where: 174 First Ave
When Oct 23rd 7 PM
Questions and to register: 565-8377 or dq430@ncf.ca


Percentage of top managerial jobs held by women: 14%.
Percentage of cabinet- level positions by women: 6%.
Percentage of poor who are women: 70%.  
				In Context Magazine #43

Peace and Environment Resource Centre
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