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[OPIRG-EVENTS] NOON TODAY: Suicide @ Cross Lake

OPIRG- Carleton and the Dam-reservoir Working Group present
a screening of theshort but powerful CBC documentary, 


When?  NOON
Where? the Carl Gillis Rm., RM 424 UNICENTRE
       across from the CUSA offices at Carleton U.

The documentary deals with the aftermath and effects of
the Nelson-Churchill hydroelectric project on the 
"flood band" Crees of Manitoba, 

Built AGAINST the recommendations of federal scientists at 
DFO not build the project, Nelson-Churchill now stands as a
case study in how bureaucrats ignore science in favour of
promoters of large schemes.

see also: http://www.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca/dams

Not mentioned in the film but worth noting:
Though the Crees were awarded compensation by 
federal courts the debts remain unpaid by the federal

Now Gary Doer's MB gov't and DFO want to build more
dams in the same areas and divert more water. 

Come find out how you can help stop the Cross Lake DoubleCross.

for more info please email dianne@samndelman.ottawa.on.ca

or call 520-2757
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