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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Oct. 16th Guasco event: FAMDEGUA President (fwd)[D

> Monday, October 16th
> 509 A Dunton Tower, Carleton U
> 7 p.m.
>   Hola, todos
>   Just a reminder re: Guasco (Guatemala Solidarity Committee of Ottawa)'s
next event, which will take place  next Monday at Carleton University.  
>   See you there!
>   Paul W.
>   ----------------======] Oct 16 [=======----------------
>   Human Rights in Guatemala: Presenting Aura Elena Farfan
>   Monday, October 16th, 7 pm
>   509A Dunton Tower
>   Carleton University
>   Background:
>   Aura Elena Farfan, president of FAMDEGUA (Families of Disapeared-Detained
> of
>   Guatemala), will be here for a presentation on October 16th. It will be
> held
>   in room 509A in Dunton Tower at Carleton University. The presentation will
>   focus on the role of women in the struggle against impunity, and the
> recent
>   wave of intimidations against human rights groups. Aura Elena Farfan will
>   also talk
>   about her organization and its role in Guatemala today. It's a good
>   oppurtunity to meet someone who has been deeply involved in human rights
>   activism in Guatemala, for many years. For those who want to learn more
>   about Guatemala, as much as those who want to know who is everything going
>   since peace was signed in 1996.
> >  

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