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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Whistleblower Forum Oct 24

Public Forum on Whistleblowing
6-10 pm, Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Parliament Buildings, West Block, Room 200

Speakers Include:

Senator NoŽl Kinsella, Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Dr. Shiv Chopra, key Health Canada scientist who blew the whistle on BGH
(bovine growth hormone)

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, internationally acclaimed journalists, who were
fired from Fox TV after refusing to falsify a documentary on the hazards of
bovine growth hormone (BGH)

Andrew Raven and David Yazbeck, representing several Health Canada
scientists who testified that they have been harassed and retaliated
against for refusing to approve products of questionable safety

Joanna Gualteiri, a whistleblower in the Department of Foreign Affairs, who
is currently in court related to her allegations of corruption and waste of
public funds

Lewis Clark and Tom Devine, Government Accountability Project, Washington, DC

John Verrall, Food Ethics Council, United Kingdom

Maude Barlow, Volunteer National Chair, Council of Canadians

Whistleblowers are those who speak out about wrongdoing in their
department, and especially those who expose government practises that
threaten public safety and the public interest. In many countries, there is
legislation to protect whistleblowers.  In Canada, no such protection is
given.  Public servants have been gagged, harassed, mistreated, and
retaliated against for whistleblowing to protect the public.
Come to this conference and express your support for legislation to protect
whistleblowers, who put their careers on the line to protect the public.

Sponsors: Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, Council
of Canadians, Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Sierra Club, Canadian Health
Coalition, National Farmers Union, Federal Accountability Integrity &

Info:  613-228-6310  Ext. 228
Media Inquiries:  613-228-6310  Ext. 21
The forum is free and open to the public

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