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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Symposium on Electoral Reform in Canada

WHAT:	Symposium on Electoral Reform in Canada
WHEN:	October 27 (2pm-6pm) and 28th (8:30am-noon)
WHERE:	Dunton Tower 2017, Carleton University,
WWW:	www.carleton.ca/cre	    (picture intensive)
	http://www.carleton.ca/cre/events.html (readable)
CONTACT: email jpammett@ccs.carleton.ca or jvickers@ccs.carleton.ca. 

A symposium on electoral reform in Canada is taking place October 27, and
28th , 2000 in Dunton Tower [Carleton University]. I am forwarding a copy
f the flyer with more
details in it to you in case you or any of your students are interested in
attending. Please feel free to post this flyer in your respective areas.

For more information please open the attachment or visit our website
at: www.carleton.ca/cre

Margo Thomas
Office of the Dean of Public Affairs and Management
D391 Loeb Building
Tel: 520-3741
email: margo_thomas@carleton.ca

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