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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Corporate Capitalism - discussion event - alternatives

> Hello friends,
> >The Ottawa Chapter of the Council of Canadians launches a series of 
> >discussion meetings to address these questions on Thursday October 26th, 
> >7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at the Jack Purcell Community Centre downtown by Elgin 
> >Street.  Parking available at rear by entering Gilmour Street from 
> >Metcalfe.
> >
> >It is time to couple a positive program to the expanding protest, criticism 
> >and opposition to destructive corporate capitalism.  More and more people 
> >are asking - What is the alternative to the erosion of democracy, social 
> >justice and the environment by the forces of neo-liberal, neo-conservative 
> >corporate values?
> >
> >Many people say - Show me what to struggle for, not just against!  Show me 
> >how things can work differently and I will jump in!
> >
> >Tony Clarke, a major figure in the global social justice struggle, will 
> >present the concept of the Citizens' Agenda as an alternative to the 
> >Corporate Agenda.  The Citizens' Agenda is a work in progress and Toni is 
> >in the thick of it.  There will be plenty of time for your questions and an 
> >open discussion.
> >
> >Come and participate in the building of an inclusive society!  Come early 
> >if you want to have a seat!
> >
> >Bring a friend!
> >
> >Please forward this invitation to your own list if you see fit.
> >
> >Armand Cote
> >Contact
> >Ottawa Chapter
> >The Council of Canadians
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