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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 2 nights left: One World Film Festival!

The One World Film Festival continues this week on Tuesday and Friday at
the Ottawa Public Library.  Globalization and Privatization is the theme
for Tuesday, and Globalization and Human Rights are featured Friday. 
From the Laurier St. bridge to Clayoquot Sound to Tiananmen Square,
issues that touch us all are examined from engaging and original
angles.  See you there!

Paul Williams
Film Festival Organizing Committee



                               THE 11TH ANNUAL
                          ONE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL

                   "Seeing the world through different eyes"

                          OCTOBER 17, 20, 24 + 27

                AT THE OTTAWA PUBLIC LIBRARY (120   Metcalfe/Laurier)

                 TICKETS: $6.00 for an evening's worth of films
                 FESTIVAL PASS: $20.00 for all four evenings

             Doors open at 5:15 p.m.  Refreshments will be on sale.

                   Tuesday, Oct. 24 - GLOBALIZATION / PRIVATIZATION
                   Friday, Oct. 27 - GLOBALIZATION / HUMAN RIGHTS

For full descriptions of the Festival films, please visit our web site:
http://www.web.net/~wia. Tel: 238-4659.

 Tuesday October 24

 5:30   Genetic Takeover or Mutant Food: are you prepared to be a
corporate guinea pig?  The ethics and politics of the commercial
appropriation of our genetic heritage and the secretive development of
genetically modified foods. This is reality, not fantasy.

 6:30   Forest Alert: big business, lax government rules and the effects
of privatization are leading to the systematic destruction of the great
boreal forests of northern Quebec: an environmental disaster.  A point
of view documentary that recalls the very best in the genre: 1999 Prix
Jutra for Best Feature Documentary.

 8:15   Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot: social history in
the making. The passionate grassroots struggle to prevent the
of Clayoquot Sound.  See what drives these women (grandmothers, kids)
and how they are organizing a revolution in consciousness and in action.

 9:15   Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days That Shook the WTO: the "Battle of
 Seattle." "See what democracy looks like." "Teamsters and turtles
together at last!" Feel the energy; hear the music; see the joy and
theatre; witness the police repression. No to "free trade"!

 Friday October 27
 Globalization/Human Rights

 5:30   Life on the Heater: life on the heating vent under the Laurier
St. bridge in the dead of winter.

 6:25   Getting Away With Murder: Colombia has a military regime,
guerrillas, paramilitary death squads, horrible violence and massive
displacement. Resource and land developers benefit enormously; the U.S.
is complicit.

 7:20   Mi'kmwesu: an experimental video based on Mi'kmaq legends of the
 powerful trickster, Mi'kmwesu, and the role of spirituality and stories
among urban youths.

 8:00   Bye Buy World: The Battle of Seattle: activists demonstrate
their concerns with the WTO, corporate tyranny, sweatshops, and GMO. The
police are brutal.

 8:15   H2O: The Price of Privatization: should water be a commodity for
sale here and overseas for private corporate profit? The consequences of
privatization and the struggle to keep water public and free.

 8:30   Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square: visually sumptuous. One artist's
take on China's turbulent history and the meaning of Tiananmen Square
and "democracy."

 9:05   Punitive Damage: a  human rights lawsuit is won against an
Indonesian general in a U.S. court for the death of  one of those
massacred in East Timor in 1991.

WIAM is an Ottawa-based global education centre that strives to raise
local awareness about global issues. 323 Chapel St., 3rd Floor, Tel:

We would like to thank our Festival Sponsors for their support: The
Canada Council, IDRC, Carleton University Department of Sociology and
Anthropology, City of Ottawa and the NFB.

Speakers will be invited on each of the evenings to
discuss the films and answer questions on the issues raised.
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