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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Slideshow: "Summers in the High Arctic"

Hello Folks!

Upcoming Wilderness Wednesday
Nov 1st, 2000
Starts 7pm
Sandy Hill Community Centre - Games Room
250 Somerset E. near King Edward, Ottawa University

Keynote Presentation & Slideshow:
"Summers In the High Arctic"
Ross Glenfield - Researcher and Guide


For 4 years, Ross worked in the High Arctic from early
Spring until the snow began to fall.  His field work
on Bathurst Island, was primarily on the endangered
peary caribou.  His research contributed to the
proposal of a new national park on northern Bathurst
Island which will protect critical habitat for the
peary caribou. 
He also worked as a guide on Ellesmere Island.

Ross will be sharing his experiences during these
working months in the high arctic - from the birth of
new animals, to the first blossoms, as the northern
land comes alive with summer approaching ...

Canada National Parks Act, Bill C-27 was passed by the
Senate on October 18.  Thanks to all who sent in
letters at last month's Wilderness Wednesday!
Bill C-27 is critical to ensuring that ecological
integrity comes first in national parks management. 

About the Peary Caribou:

One of the most compelling and important reasons to
establish a park on Bathurst island is the opportunity
to ensure the protection of the critical habitat of
the endangered Peary caribou. The Bathurst population
is believed to be one of the few high arctic
populations that represents the purest genetic strain
of the species. 

The Peary caribou have declined dramatically in recent
years on Bathurst Island, as on other high arctic
islands over the last few years. On Bathurst, they
currently number fewer than 100 animals. Scientists
believe that high snowfall, warm temperatures, and
freezing rain caused a massive die-off of caribou,
resulting in a 97% decline of the population from
1994-1997. Many other factors, including hunting and
wolf predation, may have contributed to the decline. 


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