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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Re: HDUUP, All Candidates Meetings, Nov. 2 and beyond (fwd)

Please reply to Peggy Land <peggyland@home.com> 
if you can help with these events, and with any results you get.

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Is there anyone living in Bay Ward or not, who would be willing and able to
attend the all -candidates meeting on Nov.2 at Woodroffe High School, 7pm?
It would be helpful to our cause and that of Alex Cullen's to raise
environmental concerns, especially pesticide policy at this meeting.  A simple
question like "Do you apply cosmetic-use  pesticides on your
property?" and/ or "Would you support legislation to phase out non-essential
pesticide use on private property?" could give environmentally responsible
candidates a chance to shine.
Please let me know if anyone can attend this meeting, and also, it would be
great if everyone could attend their local all -candidates meetings and raise
this question.
Please note that there is also a televised Mayoralty Candidates Debate on
Environmental Issues on the same night at 6:45 at Regional Headquarters, 111
Lisgar Street, Council Chambers. Can anyone go to this other important meeting?

"Bergen, Laura" wrote:

> I have been asked to forward this for HDUUP members' information.
> Mr. Alex Cullen, who is interested in working with HDUUP members in the new
> city, will be one of the candidates speaking.
> Laura Bergen
> for HDUUP
> Election Meeting Notice
> Bay Ward All Candidates Meeting
> Sponsored by Woodroffe H.S. School Council
> Time:  7:00 PM, November 2, 2000
> Location: Woodroffe HS Auditorium, 2410 Georgina Drive
> The Woodroffe High School School Council is sponsoring an All Candidates
> meeting for City of Ottawa Councillor candidates and Ottawa Carleton
> District School Board (Zone 4) candidates.
> The meeting will be held in the Woodroffe HS Auditorium at 7 PM on Thursday,
> November 2, 2000.
> Mr. David McConnell, (long time resident and owner Kettleman's Bagel Co.
> (Carling at Woodroffe -phone: 722-4357) will be the moderator.
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