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[OPIRG-EVENTS] The Green Party Needs Your Help!

Attention all Opirg Members,

The Green Party of Canada will be running 6 candidates in the Ottawa
area this federal election and we are looking for your help!  

We are looking for people to:

1)  Work in the Green Party campaign office (located at 464 O'Connor
at     Pretoria).
2)  Help candidates canvass homes in their ridings.
3)  Put up signs.  
4)  Distribute Green Party flyers and literature.
5)  Take a look at the party platform at http://www.green.ca/ 
6)  VOTE GREEN on election day (Nov. 27) and spread the message
to          others!!
7)  Become members of The Green Party of Canada.

The local line-up of candidates:

Ottawa-West Nepean  Matt Takach, 21, a criminology student at
                    Carleton who lives in Kanata.  Phone 592-0228

Nepean-Carleton     Rev. Isobel McGregor, 66, who has lived in
                    Bells Corners for 40 years.  Phone: 820-0598

Lanark-Carleton     Stuart Langstaff, 38, high-tech engineer, who
                    lives near Pakenham, phone: 256-1620

Ottawa-Centre       Chris Bradshaw, 56, retired community worker
                    and co-owner of vrtucar, the new car-sharing
                    company.  He lives in the Glebe. 230-4566

Ottawa-Vanier       Adam Sommerfeld, 18, president of LEAF, the
                    environmental group at Lisgar Collegiate.  He
                    lives in Manor Park.  746-1314.

Ottawa-Orleans      Richard Warman, law student and long-time
                    Green in Canada and England.  He lives in
                    Sandy Hill, and is bilingual.  233-2070

Ottawa-South        ****We are still looking for a candidate for
                    this area. The deadline for announcing candidacy
is 		    this Friday November 3.

The six candidates match the number who ran provincially in 1999.
Across Canada, 100 Green candidates are expected to run this
fall, an increase from the 78 who ran federally in 1997.

For more information Contact:

Matt Takach
Green Party Candidate Ottawa-West Nepean
57 Reaney Court
Kanata, Ontario K2K 1W7
Phone: 592-0228
Fax:   599-6940
email: mtakach@home.com

or call the campaign office:

Ottawa Green Party Campaign Office
464 O'Connor at Pretoria
phone:  565-4401  
fax:    565-9339
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