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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Protest to put Environment on the Election Agenda

 Federal Election 2000 is now in full swing  - platforms are being 
pushed, mud is being slung and images bolstered in any way, 
shape and form possible. But are the people being heard???!!!

It is time to put environmental issues into the forefront of this

Place:  Congress Centre, ColonelBy Dr. (entrance across from the 
Rideau Canal) Date: Wed Nov 1, 2000 (TOMORROW!!!) Time:  
5:00pm Event:  The Maple Leaf Dinner Centerpiece and major 
focus:   ***Jean Chretien***

Come one, come all - voice your concerns to Mr. Chretien on any 
and all environmental fronts you feel are important and need to be 
heard.  Bring friends!!  Bring costumes!!  Come out and make some 

Look forward to seeing you there.

NB This is a reposting. I can fwd any questions etc, but would be 
unable to answer them myself. Thanks. 


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