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Re: [OPIRG-EVENTS] The Green Party Needs Your Help!

Matt Takach wrote:

> Attention all Opirg Members,
> The Green Party of Canada will be running 6 candidates in the Ottawa
> area this federal election and we are looking for your help!
> We are looking for people to:
> 1)  Work in the Green Party campaign office (located at 464 O'Connor
> at     Pretoria).
> 2)  Help candidates canvass homes in their ridings.
> 3)  Put up signs.
> 4)  Distribute Green Party flyers and literature.
> 5)  Take a look at the party platform at http://www.green.ca/
> 6)  VOTE GREEN on election day (Nov. 27) and spread the message
> to          others!!
> 7)  Become members of The Green Party of Canada.

I have supported and voted Green Party in the past and would do so again
BUT. This is the most important election since 1867. The Liberal Alliance
Party (LAP) is hoping to nail the coffin shut with its General Agreement
on Trade in Services (GATS), and the so-called Free Trade Area of the
Americas (FTAA), before the genie of democracy escapes. If they
succeed--and they are putting billions of dollars into the effort in
Canada and in the USA right now, as well as globally--then it is game
over for Canada, for democracy, for all the environmental and social
justice protections that have been hard-won over decades of heroic
effort. All those laws will gradually, acceleratingly be rescinded and
the 400-year experiment with democracy will be ended, probably forever.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the brand new website at
www.canadianactionparty.ca ["it leapfrogs in a single bound all other
political websites"], go back to read the party platform on Thursday
[2-11-00], and decide for yourself. Where could you best place your vote,
to save the environment, to save Canada, and to save democracy, all three
with one ballot?

Vote well and prosper,
David Creighton
CAP candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean
Capital Region Campaign HQ (613) 234-3338, Fax: 729-8257

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