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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Rural Sustainability Conference

Title: Rural Sustainability Conference


 November 24-25, 2000 The Olde Barracks, Carleton Place

A first-of-its-kind conference for Renfrew, Lanark, Leeds & Grenville and surrounding areas

PATHWAYS that move us to economic, social and environmental sustainability in the small towns, rural areas and watersheds of Eastern Ontario COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT opportunities that tread lightly on the earth ENGAGEMENT with rural and small town governments in moving to sustainability FUNDING that is sustainable SUSTAINABLE lifestyles, businesses and jobs

General Topics
Dr. Wayne Roberts Writer, thinker and humourist on win-win-win solutions for agriculture, the environment and communities.
Larry Onisto Master Ecological Footprinter. Will start the process of determining the carrying capacity of some of our watersheds.
Dr. Blair Voyvodic Chair of Patch Adams' The Gesundheit Institute on "The Economies of Health." MP Joe Jordan Just what do we value? The federal government's path-breaking measurements of well-being and his own Well-Being Bill.
Bob Argue Designer of ecoPerth. How a small town tackles climate change and creates a financially self-sustaining program for energy efficiency
Pamela Schwartzberg Learning for a Sustainable Future - Curriculum materials and teacher training for sustainability
Food Production and Marketing
Eric Leger, Agronomist Reducing farm input costs -- with the benefit of an improved watershed and environment.
Taste of Niagara One of the most successful local food labelling and marketing programs -- with the benefit of community economic development.
Tom Manley This successful Eastern Ontario marketer of Canadian organic grains talks about the local and international economies of organics. Diverting Waste Cornwall Paint Exchange and Eganvilles Waste Works! Some examples of innovative local projects that increase waste diversion
Governance and Rural Sustainability
How do we better engage lower and upper tier municipal governments in moving to sustainability at a time of downloading, increasing property taxes and other pressures? How do we manage watersheds that cross numerous political boundaries? How do we exert local power to keep our water, air and soil clean and to reduce waste of materials, of energy, of water? How do we pay for this?
George Braithwaite,, Chair, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and Councillor, Lanark Highlands John Edwards, Councillor, Mississippi Mills Howard French, Reeve, Rideau Lakes Sandy Hay, Planner, Leeds and Grenville

Funding Sustainability

Michael Wiggin, Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Specific opportunites for small towns and rural areas under the FCM's Green Funds (even if your municipality is not a member!) and others.

The Pathways Conference Market Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet and put faces to many, many regional efforts underway to move us to sustainability including local food producers, alternative energy and energy efficiency experts, organizers of economic development projects from waste and recycled materials, watershed protection projects, an environmentally friendly printing company, green media, leading-edge big business, and much more!

For more information:

Call: 1-877-366-6656 (in 613 area); or 613-283-3482;

E-mail: kara@rideau.net <mailto:kara@rideau.net>

With particular thanks for financial assistance to the Laidlaw Foundation. Sponsors: Learning for a Sustainable Future, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, The Action Centre (Eganville), Lanark and Leeds Green Community, Rideau Environmental Action League, The Olde Barracks, and Lanark Community Programs


Please print, and send the Registration Form with payment to: The Action Centre P.O. Box 419, Eganville, Ontario K0J 1T0 Attention: Catherine OBrien

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Registration Notes

1) Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch on Fri., Nov. 24 and Sat., Nov. 25

2) We will be sourcing as much organic and local food as possible. Please indicate if you have any food allergies or requests: ________________________________________

3) We are making every effort to reduce the impact of this conference on the environment.

Please indicate if you would like to be contacted regarding car pooling:_____________

4) Confirmation of your registration will be made with a pre-registration package.

5) For those planning to stay overnight on Fri., Nov. 24 in Carleton Place, please let us know and we will send information on accommodation:____________

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(Tables to display and sell products or provide information are available for the two days.)

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Please make cheques payable to The Action Centre. If you have questions or would like more information:

Call: 1-877-366-6656 (in 613 area); or 613-283-3482

E-mail: kara@rideau.net