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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Human Rights in Guatemala

Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Speaker Series
Gabriela Santos

Unearthing the Truth:
The Role of a Guatemalan Forensic

Friday, 17 November 2000
12-1:30  pm

NPSIA Seminar Room
2A46 Paterson Hall


Gabriela Santos, a Guatemalan archeologist who studied at USAC (Universidad de
San Carlos, Guatemala), has been involved for several years as a forensic expert
in  exhumations of many clandestine cemeteries, among the legacies of 36 years
of war. She first worked with the exhumations team set up by the ODHA (Human
Rights Office of the Archbishopry; Oficina de derechos humanos del Arzobispado).
Since a few months ago, she has also become a collaborator of the FAFG
(Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala).

All are welcome!  For more information: 520-2600, 1364

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