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[OPIRG-EVENTS] upcoming events at the store

All events are free of charge, with wine, juice and nibbles - please join us to support, celebrate and learn !

 Sunday November 19 at 3:00
Dr. Gloria Gilbere " How I poisoned my body"
Please join us for an informative afternoon.  Dr. Gilbere will be reading from her book How I Poisoned My Body. After the reading there will be an opportunity for people to chat informally and to ask this well spoken Naturopath any questions that you may have had trouble finding answers for elsewhere.  
Thursday November 23 7:30p.m.
 Human Rights and the Internet edited by Steve Hick

The Internet is having an increasing influence on our lives, but what
implications does it hold for human rights? How can it be used to promote
and protect them? How is the Internet going to negatively affect our human
rights, or be misused to abuse human rights? Canadians have been at the
forefront on these issues, first with the hosting of the first international
conference in Montreal and now with this publication.
This new publication is a collection of the views of an accomplished group of activists, writers and academics.
Dr. Hick, argues that the Internet will have profound impacts on how our
basic political, civil, social and economic rights are experienced and
promoted. According to Hick, how the Internet goes is unpredictable. It
could turn out to be a mechanism for free communication, democracy and
liberation or it could end up being a commercialized force, creating
artificial wants and enabling people of world with high incomes to buy more
things faster. Hick believes that the struggle over who controls the
Internet is the most important struggle of the decade. Worldwide equitable
access, and public control of the infrastructure are critical for the
Internet to be a positive force in society.

Monday December 4, 7:30p.m.
The corporate Campus: Commercialization and the dangers to Canada's Colleges and Universities. edited by Jim Turk

"For fifty years, the quality of education offered by Canadian universities & colleges has steadily improved along with access to these institutions.  As tuition fees increase, as colleges and universities make new and often secret arrangements with the private sector, and as courses and research go "up for sale", Canada's universities and colleges are losing sight of the public interest."

The New Octopus Bookstore 116 Third Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario 233-2589