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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: Nov. 14 event

Good evening,

This is a reminder for anyone interested in getting involved in or simply
learning about socially responsible investment. Ahti is has to submit a list
of the people that will be attending the meeting to the security guard of
the building at 275 Slater. So please if you are planning to attend call him
or myself so that your name can be added to the list. We are already nine
people and so there is still space for more people.

The Capital SRI Group is organising a series of presentations for the coming
year on various aspects of Socially Responsible Investment including details
on different environemental and ethical mutual funds as well as share holder

For anyone who is interested in using whatever financial power one might
have in order to support companies and institutions that are engaging in
environmentally sound and ethical practices instead of continuing to blindly
support the destructive conventional finacial institutions and corporations,
please join us.

The SRI group will also meet once a month as the basis of an ethical
investment club. We are fortunate to have on board Mr. Ahti Tolvanen, main
organizer for the group and a financial advisor by profession. He has
specialized in ethical investment for the past decade or so and is a wealth
of information on this topic.

Enjoy the day,
Guillaume Belanger
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Dear Guillame:

I have now managed to make arrangements for the meeting Tuesday
Nov. 14th at 6.45 p.m.

Our Guest Speaker will be Martine Rouleau, vice-president for Acuity
Funds Ltd.,Quebec.  She will describe the new Social Values funds her
company has just introduced including a global fund offering the
screening services of the Calvert Group to Canadians for the first time.
The new funds also invest a part of their assests in community
development organizations. Martine has an interesting history in the
investment industry having opted for what she considers the more humane
environment of Acuity, which also produces the Clean Environment Funds,
and leaving behind her work for the multinational giant AIM among the
brokers of Bay Street.

Place: Dare Business Centre
           275 Slater Street, suite 900

Please call or email Capital SRI to reserve your seats:
819-684-7773 or fenburn@usa.net

Please spread the word to any you think may be interested.

Kind Regards,

Ahti Tolvanen

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