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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Next HDUUP Meeting November 20th (LONG)(fwd)

Contact Laura Bergen at the number given below for more information.

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> Subject: Next HDUUP Meeting November 20th
> Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 13:40:02 -0500
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* Please make note of this meeting's start time at 7:15 pm.

Health Dangers of the Urban Use of Pesticide Working Group

Date: 20 November 2000
Location: Billings Room, 111 Lisgar St, 2nd Floor
Time: 7:15 pm*


7:15 - 7:20     Approval of Agenda

7:20 - 7:30     Approval of Minutes  16 October 2000

7:30 - 7:45     Business Arising from the 16 October meeting

7:45 - 8:15     Canada Trust Funding - Pamphlets and Pesticide Kits:
                      - Update (KEN, Melissa McDonald, John Sankey)

8:15- 8:30     Updates on local campaigns to discourage pesticide use by
institutions including churches, schools, hospitals, commercial and gov't.
(Mike, Peggy)

8:30-8:45     Discussion on key areas of focus for the coming year eg  new
fed. pesticides act, signage issues with the province, allies in the medical
community, West Nile Virus, local campaigns, new Ottawa IPM, dandelion

9:00-9:15     Select new chair for HDUUP

 Information Items:
*	Protection of Health and the Environment Ctte. notice
*	Letter to Alan Rock: Dursban
*	Letter to Minister of the Environment, David Anderson:  Nonyl Phenol
*	Letter to Medical Officer of Health re spraying for West Nile Virus 
*	National Post Nov. 8 - Common pesticide linked to Parkinson's
*	Citizen Nov. 2 - Common garden, pet pesticide linked to Parkinson's
*	CWWA Bulletin - Pesticides promoting air and water-borne bacteria
*	List of institutions who do not use pesticide spray

 Please retain this package for the meeting, November 20, 7:15 pm.

 Please contact me to confirm your attendance
(ph)560-1220    (fax)560-1203   bergenla@rmoc.on.ca


Health Dangers of the Urban Use of Pesticides Working Group
Date: 16 October 2000
Location: Billings Room, 111 Lisgar St, 2nd Floor
Time: 7:00 pm

Present: Maria Balakrishnan, Laura Bergen for Diane Holmes, Caroline
DaSilva, A. Jenson, Peggy Land, Melissa McDonald, Frances McInnes, Jamie
McLaughlin, Gail Moorhead, Joan Petch, John Sankey, Eric Thomas, Sherry

Approval of Agenda - Three items added	Dursban Update
						Field Trials in Nepean
						Pesticide Position of
Federal Govt.

Approval of Minutes  11 September 2000 - Minutes Approved

Business Arising from the 11 September meeting - Any items included in

HDUUP in the new City - Adoption of HDUUP by a future Councillor - Alex
Cullen interested in supporting HDUUP

Update on Transition Board's Environmental Project Team meeting of September
- Concern that the definition of environment being used is too
all-encompassing to be effective.
- Credibility and functioning of HDUUP comes from official linking of the
group with the Health - Dept and an active Councillor.
- Suggestion that we strive to continue functioning with similar format as

Pamphlets: Canada Trust Funding for White Grub Control; new version of
Pesticides and Worker Safety Photos
- Canada Trust not yet contacted
- Due to upcoming merger with TD, any applications should be put forward
- Melissa McDonald to help John Sankey with application
- Re. Sprayer pamphlet - too late to get photo of Gloucester staffer in full
gear - interest in how Rock's report will address WHIMIS aspects ie. info
being provided to health professionals

Discussion on funding sources and more Pesticide Kits
- We would need $300 to purchase 100 kits. We have approximately $200 from
Peggy's presentation to Canada Post which she is willing to donate
- KEN (Kanata Environmental Network) to approach Canada Trust for funding to
purchase more kits
- KEN to coordinate with Melissa although the decision was made to apply

Hudson Appeal Supreme Court date
- Two Chemical companies took Hudson to two levels of court and lost each
- Presently case is going to the supreme court on December 7th. There is
room in the public gallery. See www.cela.ca for more information of case
West Nile Virus issue update
- Option exists to spray public lands should Health Dept. feel necessary.
May include Resmethrin
- Last minutes incorrect in saying that if one person died, this could
trigger implementation of program.  In fact, mosquito larvaciding could
start if significant birds found infected in the area and human case could
trigger adulticide
- This is not a plan to try to kill all mosquitos. It would be used in
conjunction with the educational program for homeowners which would include
information/request to empty all sources of standing water
- We would probably not have a capacity to arial spray - highly unlikely
- Any of these sprayings would include prenotification as required under the
Pesticides Act as a minimum. Every effort will be made to provide as much
notification as practicable
- Jamie noted that suggestions of alternate products were welcome and
- Discussion surrounding problems related to spraying include a higher
incidence of ALS, asthma, chemical sensitivity, class action suits
- Concern that the spraying itself is a higher risk to humans than the virus
Members can write to Dr. Ellis with any suggestions re the plan, at 495
Richmond Rd., K1A 4A4
HDUUP Co-Chairs to send note to Dr. Ellis noting HDUUP's concerns

Dursban Update

Field Trials in Nepean

Pesticide Position of Federal Govt. - Wide number of topics not addressed in
				- Feeling that the report is a weak response
to the Caccia report

Next Meeting Date: 20 November
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