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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fiddling while the Planet Burns: Online Faxout Event

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Subject: Canada Fiddles while the Planet Burns


Friends, Canadians, countrymen, lend me your ears... 
and your keyboards*

Politicians, diplomats and scientists around the world 
are gathering over the next 2 weeks in The Netherlands 
to discuss the growing threat of global warming.

Leaders of Canada's political parties have ignored 
this critical global issue. 
Canada's negotiating team is right now trying to 
weaken the UN Climate Treaty.

at http://www.clickforcleanair.org

Apologies for cross postings. Please forward.

Visit or RE-VISIT the site to quickly fax all Party 
Leaders. Urge them to support Canada's UN commitment 
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and maintain 
Canada's leadership tradition on global issues. 

Canada is currently arguing that clearcutting our 
old-growth forests and replanting them, and building 
nuclear reactors in developing countries, is more 
effective than reducing fossil-fuel pollution. It also 
wants to buy "pollution rights" from countries like 
Russia because its economy has collapsed rather than 
reducing emissions at home.

David Suzuki Foundation launched clickforcleanair.org 
this autumn to put pressure on Prime Minister Chretien 
to make climate change, clean air and clean energy a
priority at this UN Summit. One in every 850 Canadians
has visited the site and thousands have faxed the Prime
Minister. The federal government has since taken some
important steps forward. However, these steps aren't far
or fast enough! Because of the election, the campaign 
has shifted its focus to the Party Leaders.

At http://www.stopclimatechange.org you can find out 
more and personally fax the party leaders with a 
couple of clicks. The David Suzuki Foundation has 
recently published a downloadable peer-reviewed user's 
guide to the international politics of climate change 
and the Voter's Guide to the Atmosphere.

*This call is for all countrywomen, too. It is 
plausible that because of this historic omission, Rome 
and the rest of the world is in such a mess!

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