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[OPIRG-EVENTS] haymarket meeting and deadline

hello all.
the third issue of haymarket is scheduled to be released on december 
our deadline for submissions is december second.  they can be sent to our 
e-mail account, zine666@hotmail.com, or dropped off in my mailbox (61 argyle) 
in a clearly marked envelope.  or for another arrangement, give me a call at 
we are accepting submissions of poetry, stories, articles, drawings, 
photographs...pretty much anything.

haymarket is an ottawa zine of local resistance (thought and action).  we 
will be producing 500 copies of the third issue to be distributed in various 
locations across ottawa.

our next meeting will be saturday november 25th at three in the afternoon at 
my house - 61 argyle (on the corner of argyle and elgin, across from the 

karen emily
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