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[OPIRG-EVENTS] First national conferecne to empower advocates for MCS/CFS/FM/GWS and those dealing with other illnesses as well.

Nowhere to Run - Nowhere to Hide From Pollution Conference Schedule

Saturday - November 18

9:00-9:15 Keynote Speaker: M.P. Mac Harb

9:15-9:30 Opening Comments–EISC The Need for a Formalised Movement.

9:30-10:30 Socio-Economic Impacts of EI - Jay Kassirer Presentation on the socio-economic impacts of El, based on results of EISC study

10:50 –12:00 How to Incorporate Gov’t. Programs into Your Own NPO’s Mission –Judith Spence reviews EISC programs on Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion & National Child Day

1:30-3:00 Tools of Change Workshop – Jay Kassirer Planning a Social Marketing Campaign. Participants will be led though the process of planning a social marketing campaign to address their priority areas

3:20-4:20 Break-out groups. Participants will work will work on topics of concern to themselves

4:20-4:45 Small groups will report back to the whole workshop group

Sunday - November 19

9:00-10:25 Assessing, Triaging, Treating Chemical Injuries Following a Chemical Accident. Dr. Gunnar Heuser Advocates and practitioners will be instructed on how to handle the human aftermath of a chemical accident. Medical tests required to defend a civil action will be reviewed 10:15-10:25 Q & A’s

10:45–12:00 The Benefits of Naturopathy- Dr. Gloria Gilbčre– Treating medical emergencies and managing chronic illness through Naturopathic Medicine

1:30–2:45 UN Conventions and the Human Rights Act - Kenneth Fernandez will examine their relevance to persons with MCS-CFS-FM-GWS

3:05- 4:45 Increasing Your Organisation’s Effectiveness in Working with the Media - Aaron Freeman

4:45 –5:00 Closing Remarks – Judith Spence, C.E.O.- EISC

Registration is $50 and includes snacks and handouts, $15 for the disabled on fixed incomes. Registration is at 8:30 am Saturday at the Champlain Room of the RMOC building 111 Lisgar Street near Elgin in Ottawa.  Dress warmly as the  EI  require a cooler temperature environment.

This is a scent-free venue

A number of people attending the conference suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Registration: 8:30 am - 9:00 am

Location: 111 Lisgar Street (near Elgin)  Use entrance at Heritage Section, which is immediately west (left) of the main entrance. Conference is in the Champlain Room- 2 nd floor. Elevator is to the left of the entrance. It is suggested that you bring a sweater, or warm clothing. The EI often prefer cooler air temperatures. Feel free to bring your masks and oxygen to this conference of peer support and lots of caring.

Please leave all scents, perfumes and after-shaves at home.

For more information about this conference contact
The Environmental Illness Society of Canada
536 Dovercourt Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K2A 0T9  Canada
Tel: (613) 728-9493           Fax: (613) 728-1757
eisc@eisc.ca            Web site: www.eisc.ca
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide From Pollution Conference www.eisc.ca/ecoaction.html