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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fur Free Friday

Fur is Dead!!! 

Help us protest the continued killing of animals by the fur industry in
honour of Fur Free Friday.

Date: 	 Friday, November 24
Time:  	 11:45am - 1pm
Place: 	Burkholder Furs, 199 Bank St.
Contact: Debbie Ozarko for more information at 521-5252 or dcozarko@istar.ca
The fur fashion industry is in decline. Since the 1980s it has been
gradually shrinking into a mere remnant of its former self. Once a
universally acknowledged symbol of success, fur fashion is becoming a thing
of questionable taste, as more and more people wonder whether there can be
any beauty in a product made from the suffering and death of animals. 
Still, more than 30 million animals, mostly minks and foxes, are killed each
year on what the fur industry refers to as fur "farms" or "ranches." These
facilities are little more than a series of small wire cages lined up in an
open shed. Animals suffer in extreme confinement and poor housing
conditions. Many of them exhibit behavioral disorders such as constant
pacing, self-mutilation, and infanticide. Many suffer physical abnormalities
due to inbreeding. They suffer as they die, too: neck breaking, gassing, and
electrocution are the most common methods of killing animals raised for fur.
Yet fur promoters tell the public that the caged-fur industry is humane. 
Let's prove them wrong!

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