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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: Please come to debate on women's demands

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From: Nancy Peckford [mailto:cwmclobby@yahoo.ca]

Please note:

If you are in Ottawa, please come. If not, circulate
this to your colleagues who are in the area. 


- nancyp.  

All Candidates Debate on Poverty and Violence
Against Women

TOMORROW - 7pm to 9pm, Tuesday, November 21
Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe St. (at Laurier)

Please come out and ask candidates what they'll do
to support the women's march demands aimed at ending
poverty and violence against women. Over 30,000 women
marched on Parliament Hill in support of these demands
on October 15.

Ottawa Centre candidates from the Liberal, New
Democrat, Alliance, 
Canada Action, Green, Progressive Conservative and
Communist parties 
have all confirmed they'll participate.
Childcare is available (parents should call ahead to
233-0228 to make arrangements). 

This event is organized by the Ottawa Organizing
Committee of the World 
March of Women. For more information call 233-1764,
or email  solnet@web.net. 

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