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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Upcoming Genetic Engineering Events:

Upcoming Genetic Engineering Events:

Are you concerned about genetic engineering? Are you part of a community
group that has concerns about food or medical  biotechnology or could be
interested these issues?

On December 4-6 the presidents of some major biotechnology companies will
be  at the Ottawa Life Sciences Conference. They will discuss the latest
developments in genetic engineering for food and medicine. The conference
is  designed to promote Ottawa as a prime place for biotechnology
investment. Two Part Response to the Ottawa Life Sciences Conference:

Part One: "Genetic Engineering: From Designer Plants to Designer Humans", a
talk by Dr. G. Wolbring of the University of Calgary about human rights and
medical biotechnology.

Dr.Wolbring is a biochemist and bioethicist at the University of Calgary.
He is a well known and respected science researcher and advocate for
disability rights. He is a  founder of the International Network on
Bioethics and Disability. Visit his website at:

Sunday, December 3
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
221 Nelson Street off Rideau Street
Introductory Video: 12:30-1:30
Dr. Wolbring talks: 2:00- 4:00

Some of the questions that will be addressed at this event are:

What do these new technologies mean for human rights and disability rights
in particular?
Will biomedicine alleviate human suffering? Who defines what suffering is?
Who has access to these new technologies? Who has a voice on how to use
these new medical technologies?


Featuring: Introduction by Tony Clarke, Polaris Institute, on industry
structure and strategies, reports from inside the Ottawa Life Sciences
Conference and an open group discussion facilitated by Food Action Ottawa.

Tuesday, December 5
Colonel-By Room, Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton (RMOC) 111 Lisgar
(between Elgin and the canal, behind the Courthouse) 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Do you want our government to forge partnerships with biotechnology
What are corporate and government representatives saying at the Ottawa Life
Sciences Conference?
What does biotechnology investment mean for our community?

Come out and participate in a discussion around these and other questions
and voice your concerns about genetic engineering. Be part of a community
alliance around genetic engineering.

All interested parties welcome.  No expertise necessary.

Both events are free admission and are fully accessible.  Refreshments will
be provided. Donations welcome.

Organized by Food Action Ottawa.  For more information please call Lucy
235-1672 or Dan 565-3776.

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