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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Colombia Forum/Dec.2-3/Ottawa

...you are invited to attend...

A Public Forum for Canadian Solidarity

December 2-3, 2000
Theater B. Southam Hall,
Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada

* This forum will aim at examining the historical and structural roots of 
the Colombian conflict as presented by Colombian and Canadian speakers and 
establish a base for coordinated Canadian solidarity with Colombia.

For more information on the agenda, topics, structure and how to register, 
see: http://www.gratisweb.com/colombiacrisis
or write to:  colombiacrisis@latinmail.com

* A collaborative initiative of the Caribbean and Latin American Solidarity 
Working Group (CLAS) with Research and International Support for Colombia 
(RISC) and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)

Colombia remains embroiled in civil war almost 40 years old. The causes of 
this conflict are rooted in a long-standing history of societal and 
structural inequity. Violence, delinquency, poverty, displacement, human 
rights violations and the disintegration of the social fabric are all 
symptoms of this structural malaise and are problems which can only be 
solved through patient, open, tolerant and democratic deliberation among all 
of those affected by it.

However, the United States government has designed an intervention into 
Colombia that will undermine any possibility of achieving lasting peace. The 
intervention is called Plan Colombia, a US$1.3 billion military aid package 
portrayed as an effort to combat drug trafficking and the “narco-guerrilla” 
which is said to finance its activities through the drug trade.  The US 
government justifies its action through a simplistic claim that drugs are 
the root of all of Colombia’s evils.  The $1.3 billion package covers up the 
true causes of the conflict by advancing military solutions to social 
problems and threatens to give rise to quite possibly the most severe 
humanitarian crisis the continent has yet to witness.

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