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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Zero Emissions Vehicles Club at Carleton

I saw this last night while at Carleton U. I imagine that they would 
welcome non-student participants.

WHAT: Zero emissions Club
WHERE: Baker's Lounge, 4th Floor Unicentre, Carleton U
WHEN: 5:30pm, Wed. Nov. 29th
WHO: A new club for Carleton U students

"Creative Minds Required to build Zero Emissions Vehicles
	  (Picture of Francis Faure from 1933 breaking the world record)

A new club at Carleton is assembling to design, build and promote
experimental vehicles primarily powered by humans. Your creative mind is all
that is required to join. Students from all faculties are welcome to
participate and no experience is required. Casual membership is also not
discouraged. Fun and teamwork are major priorities.

Wed. Nov. 29th 5:30pm
Baker's Lounge (4th Floor Unicentre)
If you can't make the meeting, email us at: kasiasmetny@hotmail.com or 

(love the email address)

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