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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 60 hour week

>Sunday November 28, 2000
>  The Harris Government is trying to ram a 60 hour work week and longer
>  hours for less pay into law in the next few days. And these are just some
>  of the changes in a new Employment Standards Act announced last
>  But we can stop it.
>  We need to put as much pressure as we can on the Harris government to
>  give the public a chance to have a say about the huge changes coming to
>  our workplaces. If we can force the government to provide public
>  hearings, then the bill will not be passed in the next few days.
>  Hearings
>  give people a chance to tell the government what they think about the
>  bill. Hearings would take place across the province in the new year and
>  the bill would not come up at the legislature until March of next year.
>  Here's what we have to do:
>  1) Demand Public Hearings
>  By email, fax or phone, blitz the premier and minister of labour with
>  demands for public hearings. We need thousands of requests going in over
>the next two or three days.
>  2) Get the word out. Too many people don't know that the government
>  wants to bring in a 60 hour work week and average overtime over a month 
> rather
>than a week.
>  Print the attached flyer and distribute as widely as possible.
>(Available in Spanish and other languages as requested).
>  3) Community Leafleting
>  We will be leafleting people going to work over the next few days.
>  Organize a leafleting event in your area. Call to find out about 
> specific details.
>  4) Join in the Campaign
>  Call the Employment Standards Work Group to find out what actions are 
> being planned.
>  Mary Gellatly · Parkdale Community Legal Services · (416) 531-2411 ext
>  246 · gellatlm@olap.org
>  Consuelo Rubio· Centre for Spanish Speaking People's · (416) 533-8545
>  ext 26 · rubioc@olap.org
>  Mary Gellatly
>Community Legal Worker, Workers Rights @ PCLS
>  voice 416.531.2411.x.246 * fax 416.531-0885
>  gellatlm@olap.org

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