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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Nov.30 -> Dec.4 - Seattle film "This is What Democracy Looks Like"

Reminder - starts tomorrow!

     Thurs Nov 30,   Fri Dec 1,   Mon Dec 4,         7:30pm, Ottawa.

Premiere of the full-length film, narrated by Susan Sarandon & Michael
Franti, documenting the meaning & events of the Seattle protests.

Why did so many youth, labour leaders, human rights activists,
anti-capitalists, developing world activists, intellectuals, raging
and other concerned individuals come together?

Through extensive on-the-ground footage, the film also aims to give
an accurate picture of exactly what happened on the streets.

"With beautiful graphics, a passionate narrative, and stunning writing,
it is a powerful embodiment of the spirit of the protests." - Naomi  Klein.
Simultaneous showings in 38 cities in Canada, the U.S, Australia, and

Each Ottawa screening will include a speaker who will introduce the film.
An open discussion will follow the screening, including time for comments
and questions.
Possible discussion points include a critical look at the film, the events
of Seattle,
what has occured since then, and the April 2001 FTAA meetings in Quebec

Screening Dates:
Thurs Nov 30, 7:30pm: Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe -
with Sherrie Tingley, Centre for  Equality Rights in Housing.

Fri Dec 1, 7:30pm: SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas -
with Angie Freeman, human rights  advocate recently involved in
the occupation of a Vieques, Puerto Rico armed forces training base.

Mon Dec 4, 7:30pm: Carleton University Campus, 1125 Colonel By
Drive, Paterson Building, room 303  -
with Lucy Sharrat of  Food Action Ottawa.

$6/$5 / no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

All proceeds go to the Independent Media Center, Quebec City
in preparation for the April 2001 demonstrations at the
Free Trade Area of the Americas summit.
More info: Ottawa Coalition in Support of Independent Media,
Darren darrenoctopus@hotmail.com 613-567-0653 or 613-233-2589

http://www.thisisdemocracy.org  http://www.indymedia.org
http://www.quebec.indymedia.org  http://www.cmaq.net