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[OPIRG-EVENTS] be like big business

With the first snowfall of the year, checks with the some of the largest 
corporations in Ottawa indicate that snowfall does NOT stop them from 
ramming corporatization down the throats of students.  Don't let the snow 
stop you from FIGHTING BACK!!
Come to learn how we are all affected by THE CORPORATE CAMPUS...
The Corporate Campus: Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada's 
Colleges & Universities
edited by Jim Turk

For fifty years, the quality of education offered by Canadian universities 
and colleges has steadily improved along with access to these 
institutions.  Now these giants are in danger.  As tuition fees increase, 
as colleges & universities make new and often secret arrangements with the 
private sector, and as courses and research go "up for sale," Canada's 
universities and colleges are losing sight of the public interest.

Jim Turk is the executive director of the Canadian Association of 
University Teachers.  Formerly an Associate Professor at the University of 
Toronto and Director of education for the Ontario Federation of Labour, he 
is a frequent media commentator and has written many articles on education 
and labour in Canada.

Please join us to celebrate this book and congratulate Jim!
All events are free of charge - there will be wine, juice & nibbles.
The store is wheelchair accessible, although the washrooms are not.
Octopus Books 116 Third Avenue, Ottawa Ontario
Questions??? 233-2589

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