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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Occupation for labour and education @ MPP's office

* News flash *

On December 7 at 1pm, students from Carleton University and the
University of Ottawa, as well as workers from CAW, CUPE and the
Steelworkers union started an occupation of Tory MPP John Baird's
constituency office. They are demanding that he vote against Bill 147
and Bill 132, which propose changes to the Employment Standards Act, and
the creation of private universities, respectively.

The occupiers are calling for people to fax, telephone or e-mail John
Baird, to call for accessible, public education - instead of private
universities; and strong labour laws that respect the rights of the
people of Ontario.

They are determined to stay until they get a meeting with John Baird.
They would welcome your support outside the office - bring banners and
placards, noisemakers, etc. - and make sure your voice is heard.

[Sample letter:]

John Baird, MPP Nepean-Carleton
119-301 Moodie Drive
Nepean, Ontario, K2H 9C4 
Phone: 613-828-2020, Fax: 613-828-6962
E-mail: <mailbox@johnbaird.com>

Dear Mr. Baird,

I wish to communicate my concerns to you regarding Bill 132's proposed
privatization of Ontario universities, as well as proposed changes to
labour laws in Bills 147 and 139.

Bill 132 would effectively create a two-tiered system of post-secondary
education in Ontario, while Bills 147 and 139 constitute an attack on
everyone’s rights and protections in the workplace.

I urge you to vote against these proposals, and instead work for
accessible, public education - and labour laws that respect workers.

I look forward to hearing your reply.


[your name & address]
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