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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Protest the Commercialization of Christmas

WHEN:  1200h Sunday December 10, 2000
WHERE: in front of The Bay, George St.
WHAT:  protest/artshow
WHO:   contact Anik Lapointe anik@home.com 742-6734 for info

Forwarded message:
> From: 	Anik Lapointe[SMTP:Anik.Lapointe@rcmp-grc.gc.ca]
> Sent: 	Friday, December 08, 2000 6:23 AM
> Subject: 	Commericlization of christmas.

Hi Everyone, 

just a little note to inform you an an upcoming protest against the
commercialization of christmas. There will be full media so everyone's
presence is required (if you can come)

It'll take about 30-45 minutes for the protest, so it does not kill your
entire day, so please consider supporting this initiative.

Thinking of you all, take care and we'll see you soon.

Words of the Artist/Potter


This demonstration is to make people aware of what they are allowing to
happen.  The unquestioning acceptance of the superficial glamour and glitz
and the commercialization of Christmas is being highlighted. 

THE XMAS TREE and THE GIFT FROM THE BAY, strips away all the pretext of
Christmas and unmasks the reality ... money and shopping.  Shopping is
encouraged during this season under the pretext of "giving",  "generosity"
and other "good" values.  By association, what appears to unquestionably
follow is that SHOPPING IS GOOD. 

Apple pie is good, God is good, motherhood is good, and shopping is good
!!!  The advertising slogan "shopping is good" is a bastardization of  GOD
IS GOOD, a phrase used in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran.  

Are you "buying into" the unquestionable truth that SHOPPING IS GOOD?  

When it comes to shopping, need is not even a consideration; nor is the
impact on our financial or psychological welfare; nor the upstream and
downstream impacts on the environment.   
By not speaking out and objecting, we are endorsing the message even
though we may be harbouring unpleasant feelings and thoughts about what we
are seeing and reading.

I hope by creating awareness of the issue through art, people will be
jolted out of blind acceptance,  a spark will be ignited and hopefully
change will follow. 

I will be organizing a protest on Sunday at 12:00 in front of the Bay
store on George street with full media coverage. Please come and show your
supoort against the commercialization of Xmas.

Victoria Laube
Local Potter & Artisan

Anik Lapointe
Legislative Analyst
IPIRS- Business Rules Team
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