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[OPIRG-EVENTS] january 1: earth*tones harmony house benefit

earth*tones - groupe de danse et percussions
january 1, 2001 * 7-10pm
rama lotus yoga centre
340 gladstone (between bank & o'connor), ottawa

* benefit for harmony house
* join the drum & dance circle, bring a drum if you have one
* all ages
* 5$-10$ suggested donation; receipts for donations of $20 or more
* for more information: 567-7244

benefit organized by members of earth*tones, 
and hosted by the rama lotus yoga centre <www.ottawayoga.com>.

* about harmony house:

harmony house offers safe, temporary housing for womyn and their children
who have suffered abuse. it gives them an opportunity to make responsible
choices about their and their children's futures. it gives them a bridge
from a violent, intimidating relationship to an independent, non-violent

harmony house recognizes that family violence is a problem of society, not
a private problem to be solved by its victims alone. victims of family
violence deserve and need the support of the community in building a life
free from intimidation.

* what's a drum & dance circle?

today's music tends to come pre-packaged in metal and plastic
laser-etched containers produced by transnational corporations. 
drum circles are different - we collectively create our own music, 
and there isn't the alienation from music-maker that you find with 
today's music industry.

if you don't have a drum, no problem - we share instruments placed in the
centre of the circle, and you can bring other acoustic instruments too
(bring flutes, bring lutes!). if you're new to drumming, we'll help you
learn. on monday january 1st, let's celebrate the new year with some fun
and funky rhythms.

* upcoming events:

after a break for the holidays, earth*tones will be back on january 7.
we meet every sunday night, 7:30-10:30pm, at arts court, studio b, 
2 daly avenue in ottawa.

the regular sunday night drum circle is a benefit for opirg-carleton, 
an environmental and social justice group based at carleton university. 
for information about volunteering for opirg-carleton, call 520-2757.

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