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[OPIRG-EVENTS] economic justice meeting - ftaa - this wednesday

please forward to interested parties

OPIRG-Carleton's economic justice group will be meeting this wednesday, 
january tenth, at 5:00 at the OPIRG office (326 Unicentre, Carleton Campus).

We will be focusing our attention on organizing against the ftaa meetings and 
the summit of the americas in quebec city, april 20th-22nd, 2001.
We will be discussing transportation to the actual event, as well as the 
salAMI proposal for a local action at the beginning of april.  
we will also be looking for people who would like to travel to quebec city 
for the january 27th organizing meeting.

any other interests will be added to the agenda at the beginning of the 
all are welcome.

refer any questions to 
OPIRG-Carleton - 520-2757 or
me (karen emily) at 567-8647

see you there.
karen emily
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