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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Preserving US hegemony

U.S. security today is primarily designed to secure and advance the global
economic and political predominance of the United States, the main
beneficiary of the "new world order" of corporate-driven globalization. In
effect, Washington has assumed the role of hegemonic stabilizer of the
system. The Pentagon sees as its current tasks "to encourage all nations to
recognize and address domestic problems that have transnational security
implications"--a sort of tutelary function--and "to shape the strategic
environment to prevent conflict and promote regional stability."

Instability is seemingly defined as challenges to U.S. leadership or to the
seamless functioning of globalized market capitalism. ... It means
preserving a global system in which the assets of the world's three richest
individuals are larger than the combined national income of 48
less-developed countries. --

J. Patrice McSherry, "Preserving Hegemony: National Security Doctrine in the
Post-Cold War Era,"
NACLA: Report on the Americas, New York, Volume XXXIV, No. 3,
November/December 2000, p. 26.
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