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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Volunteer in Lebanon: CEPAL summer 2001 Program

Volunteer in Lebanon!

CEPAL ~2001 Summer Program~ CEPAL

Over 3 million Palestinians are without nationality and without the right to
citizenship in any country. They are, as they have been for over half a
century, the largest refugee population in the world.

2001 marks the fifth summer that CEPAL volunteers will be working in the
Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon. CEPAL's Summer Program is a unique
opportunity to experience life in a Palestinian refugee camp, and to learn
about the Palestinian refugee situation.

CEPAL is now accepting applications for the 2001 Summer Program. CEPAL is
looking for motivated and dynamic Canadian volunteers who will take an
part in our summer activities programs.

Volunteers work and live in the camps for a period of 9 weeks, for July and
August. Working in cooperation with CEPAL's Palestinian NGO partners,
volunteers teach English, French or Basic Computer Skills classes and

Upon return to Canada, CEPAL volunteers raise awareness about the plight of
Palestinian refugees. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods;
previous volunteers have given multi-media presentations to various groups,
continue to be active in raising awareness.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for the 2001 Summer Program,
consult and complete the application materials available on our website

The deadline for receiving applications and reference letters is 01 March,

          Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange
    Suite 200, 63 Sparks Street  Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 5A6
           Tel: (613) 232.0410  Fax: (613)235.9185
               volunteer@cepal.ca  www.cepal.ca

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