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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Collective Kitchen Project facilitators' training

Come and discover the excitement of working with
diverse communities.

The Sandy Hill Community Health Centre is organizing a
regional training for the Collective Kitchen Project Facilitators

Topics include:
* many practical tools for starting a
Collective Kitchen in your neighbourhood
* Different models of Collective Kitchen
* Group facilitation skills
(communication, group dynamics and creative problem solving)
Four 3 hours training sessions will start in the first week of February
at Sandy Hill Community Health Centre 221 Nelson Street
(Date will be chosen to accommodate participants schedule as much as 
Please confirm you participation not later than January 26th

Training is free but there will be a small charge to cover printing.

Training will be offered in English
We are presently seeking funding for translation of training materials
and a 
french training

Contact Moe to register or for more information at 244-2815
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