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[OPIRG-EVENTS] job posting - octopus books

Please post & pass on ...

Octopus Books is looking to hire someone to work in the store.
Starts: Mid - February
20 hours a week - 40 hours a week.  Things are in flux here so we are not 
sure exactly what the needs are - The position will start part-time as an 
introduction to the store and work its way up to full time by June 1st and 
then the potential of managing the operation (with lots of support) for 
July and August.  In September, there is potential to stay on part time or 
full time, depending on who fills the position  (so this position works for 

Qualifications: Octopus Books is a left wing book store with a lot of 
history.  Interest in and agreement with, the politics of the store are 
both required.
Familiarity with these books is an asset.
Retail experience, flexibility and a desire to work in an environment which 
is supportive and cooperative are a must.

If you think this fits the bill for what you are looking for and vice 
versa, please submit a resume to  the store - 116 Third Avenue, Ottawa, 
Ontario or by email to the above address by January  26, 2000. ( no phone 
calls please)

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity.  We will 
try to contact all those who submit applications.  We will be in touch by 
January 30, 2001.  

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