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[OPIRG-EVENTS] People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Announcements (2001/01/13)

Revised Saturday January 13, 2001
& SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENTS, workshops, courses, festivals, 
films, broadcasts, resources & jobs in Ontario & beyond. 
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*** CONTENTS ***
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(B) Other Announcements, Broadcasts, Resources, Links
(C) About the People- & Planet-Friendly 

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New/modified listings (since Jan 11) are indicated by 
an asterisk (*). In order by start date.  

* Events in Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener, on-line.

...PART II, continued from previous mailing (Jan 11)

* INTRO TO PERMACULTURE, Mon Jan 22, 6-8pm, Toronto. 
Permaculture is a sustainable design system stressing the 
harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the 
Earth. Sure, you've read this or some other quick definition but that 
doesn't really tell you how you can use permaculture in your own 
garden. Anna Gibson, a permaculture designer, will introduce you 
to the real world of permaculture and show how you can apply the 
principles to your community garden plot, your backyard or just 
about anywhere. $5. Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College (east of 
Spadina) More info: Laura Berman 416-392-1668 or 
cgnetwork@foodshare.net  [related: Toronto Community Garden 
Network http://www.foodshare.net/grow.htm ]

Sun Jan 26-28, Guelph. Canada's largest public, organic event. 
Organic trade show: organic food tasting & marketing fair (Sat 
8.30am-5:30pm & Sun 9am-4pm, FREE). Dozens of workshops & 
courses for all interest levels (all day Sat. & Sun. - inquire about 
prices). Topics include home organic gardening, one-acre 
gardening as a lifestyle, developing home-craft organic products, 
organic cotton & textiles, herbs, organic processing, biotechnology 
& its relationship to organics, compost techniques, developing 
your orchard, BioDynamics, more. Special, pre-event 1.5-day Eco-
Ag Intro Course (Thur-Fri noon $130). Two 3-hour in-depth 
seminars (Fri 1pm). Organic Buffet "Meet the Presenters" (Fri 
4:15-6:45pm, $35). Public Forum "The Global Challenge for 
Organic Farming Systems" - speakers: Dr. Ann Clark (Plant Ag. 
prof.), Brewster Kneen (Canadian author - on corporate agendas, 
the WTO & organics; http://www.ramshorn.bc.ca), and Bernward 
Geier (IFOAM/Germany) (Fri 7-9:15pm, $10). 
Keynote: Dr. Ann Clark 'The Road Ahead' (Sat 9:15am). 
Entire program is located at Guelph University Centre. 
More info/programme/highlights: 519-824-4120 ext. 2558. 
Sponsorship or trade list inquiries: Tomas Nimmo 705-444-0923. 
<organix@georgian.net> <http://www.gks.com/OrgConf/> 
[related site http://www.organicadvocates.org ]

FARMAGEDDON: The Future of Food, Mon Jan 29, 7:30-9pm, 
Kitchener. Brewster Kneen, author of "Farmageddon" and 
publisher of "The Ram's Horn" newsletter 
(http://www.ramshorn.bc.ca), will talk about the safety of 
genetically modified organisms in everyday food; how 
biotechnology shapes our food system; and the restructing of life 
for corporate profit. Pay what you can. Kitchener Public Library 
Auditorium, 85 Queen St. N. (near Weber)  More info: Neill 
Stewart, Kitchener-Waterloo Food Action 
KWFoodAction@egroups.com 519-742-7092 [Brewster will also 
be speaking on Fri Jan 26 (7pm) in Guelph, see above].

7pm, Toronto. Film premiere & discussion with David Suzuki & 
others. Fragile ecosystems and amazing discoveries in Canada's 
endangered rainforests. The connections among rainforests, salmon 
and the people of Canada's Pacific Coast. With Dr. David Suzuki 
(scientist, broadcaster, environmentalist); Patricia Sterritt (Chief 
Councillor, Gitga'at First Nation); Dr. Tom Reimchen (Biologist, 
Univ. of Victoria). $10/$6. Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. 
At The Music Hall, 147 Danforth (near Broadview subway). 
Info/advance tickets: 1-800-453-1533 http://www.davidsuzuki.org

HOW TO GET A GRANT, starts Mon Jan 29, on-line. Nine-
week online course on fundraising, for Ontario environmental 
nonprofits. Led by Ken Wyman, one of Canada's foremost 
fundraisers. $65. Future courses: fundraising fundamentals, special 
events, major donors, direct mail for small environmental groups, 
volunteer management, public education. Complete course descrip 
& registration info: http://www.greenability.org/coursetxt.htm  
shehrina@greenability.org  http://www.greenability.org

Mon-Tues Jan 29-30, Toronto. One of Canada's longest running & 
most successful annual conferences on environment & technology. 
FREE public expo (free public access hours t.b.a.) (full conference 
$695). At the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel (Yonge & Queens' 
Quay). More info: info@eeco.apfnet.org  GLOBE Foundation 
http://www.eeco2000.com  http://www.globe.ca  800-274-6097

Apr 24, 6-9pm, Toronto. Education for social & ecosystem 
healing. Understanding the links between environment & health is 
critical to our survival & well-being. A down-to-earth, activism-
oriented course for community health workers, health 
professionals, educators, labour activists, environmentalists, 
community organizers, policy makers, economists, 
parents/grandparents, youth. Different instructors (and videos) 
each week. No perequisites; all welcome. With Dorothy Goldin 
Rosenberg (course facilitator), Kathleen Cooper (Cdn. 
Environmental Law Assoc.), Lorna Heidenheim (Ont. Healthy 
Communities Coalition), Irving Rootman (Centre for Health 
Promotion, U of T), Charlene Day (Nutritionist), Dr. Lynn 
Marshall (Environmental Health Clinic, Sunnybrook), Dr. Trevor 
Hancock (Cdn. Assoc. of Physicians for the Environment), Ann 
Phillips (South Riverdale Community Health Centre), Dr. Jody 
MacDonald (School of Nursing, U of T), Nick de Carlo (CAW 
Health & Safety), Roxana Ng (PhD, Sociology & Equity Studies), 
Elise Houghton (Parents Environmental Network), Wayne Roberts 
(Toronto Food Policy Council, co-author Real Food for Real 
Change), Janet Budgell (Nutritionist, Safe Water Group), Mark 
Murphy (Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights), Sri Camalan 
(Social & Environmental Justice Advocate). Films: Before Their 
Time (occupational health & safety); They Speak in Whispers 
(children, cancer and the environment); Everyday Carcinogens: 
Acting for Prevention in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty; 
General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment; 
Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer; Great Lakes, 
Great Lawns (health impacts of pesticides & herbicides); No 
Grapes; Toxic Partners; Uranium; Turning Down the Heat; Living 
Machines; Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and 
Global Economics. $375 negotiable (limited scholarships for 
students, seniors, low/unwaged). OISE, 252 Bloor W (St. George 
subway). More info/register: Women's Network for Health & 
Environment 416-928-0880 when@web.ca 

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TO PARTICIPATE, Wed Feb 28, noon-7pm, Toronto. If your not-
for-profit operates on an alternative work model and/or depends on 
volunteer staff, you may be interested in the alternative job fair, 
where we will be trying to offer students alternatives to the 
standard corporate opportunities. Contact us for info on booking a 
display table and/or participating in the presentations. Free. At 
Hart House, Hart House Circle, U of T (Museum or Queen's Park 
subway). Presented by a coalition of not-for-profits & U of T 
Chaplain Centre. More info/register: Julie juliemooney@hotmail.com  

* RADIO LORAX, Wednesdays 6-7pm, 92.7 FM or online. 
Trent Radio's Environmental Affairs show. Jan 24: the upcoming 
FTAA/ZLEA Summit being held in Québec; Jan 31: Globalization, 
Food and the Environment: Grassroots Responses. Live on the 
internet at: http://www.trentu.ca/trentradio/stream.htm  More 
info/schedule: http://www.ecobio.com/radiolorax  
Raphael Thierrin 705-749-9890 raphael@ecobio.com

* WWOOF! "World-Wide Orientation to Organic Farms" --  
Looking for something REAL to do this spring or summer? Want 
to live close to the land for a while? Want to learn about where our 
food comes from ...could come from? An amazing diversity of 
organic farms, gardens and businesses have opportunities -- from a 
few days to a few months -- where you can work in exchange for 
room, board, learning & fun! Locations across Canada and around 
the world. Get hands-on experience, make new friends & support 
the organic movement. Working/learning opportunities vary from 
organic farming & gardening, to cooking, activism, carpentry, 
business admin, creative work, childcare - details are negotiated 
between you and the host. From solar-powered to strawbale 
homes, from herbs to orchards to rare-breed cattle, from swimming 
holes to gourmet cooking - the variety is endless. Year-round. All 
ages. $30 annual fee for list of 400 host farms & gardens across 
Canada. John Vanden Heuvel, RR #2, S.18, C.9, Nelson, BC, V1L 
5P5. 604-354-4417 http://www.members.tripod.com/~wwoof  
wwoofcan@uniserve.com [related: http://www.organicadvocates.org ] 
[I've "wwoofed" several times -- highly recommended! - ed]

* WWOOF-Canada Coordinator John Vanden Heuvel will be in 
Ontario Jan 26-29 to speak about WWOOFing (see above listing) 
and apprenticeship opportunities on organic farms & gardens. He 
will have a table at the Guelph Organic Conference on Sat. Jan 27 
& Sun. Jan 28 (see Jan 26 listing), to answer your questions, 
provide literature, sign up new members, etc. John will have copies 
of the new 2001 WWOOF Canada directory on hand, for those 
who are curious about what kind of opportunities are available and 
what the different farms & gardens are like. Presentation: Sun Jan 
28, 9:30-11:30am (see Jan 26 Guelph Organic Conf. listing for 
details). Also, he is available to speak at your school or other 
organization in the Guelph-Toronto area Friday or Monday -- if 
interested, contact him a.s.a.p.  wwoofcan@uniserve.com  604-
354-4417 http://www.members.tripod.com/~wwoof  
[Guelph Conference website: http://www.gks.com/OrgConf/ ]

* INEQUALITY.ORG - new website offering news, information 
and expertise on the divide in income, wealth and health; created 
by a network of journalists, writers and researchers trying to look 
beyond conventional economics and its notions of prosperity & 
progress. http://www.inequality.org

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