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[OPIRG-EVENTS] ANOTHER DAM MEETING! change of time, date, meeting place...

Due to scheduling conflicts the meeting for the Dam group has been changed 
from tomorrow evening [Tuesday] to this upcoming Saturday afternoon.

The Dam-Reservoir Working Group will rendezvous at 3:30 pm at the Second Cup
at Bank and Somerset, Saturday Jan. 20th.

New members most welcome. Sorry for not getting back to the folks who 
emailed earlier. You haven't been forgotten. :)

We are working on a number of projects, including info-pickets,
community outreach, fundraising and a special talk this fall.
If you care about saving the world's fish, aquatic ecosystems and 
Gaia's oxygen making phytoplankton, DRWG is the group for you!
If you care about conserving and protecting and enhancing 
aquatic habitats, land use, fish, native and poor people's 
rights, the commons, oxygen & water, and health [omega fatty acids
in fish are promoted continually for healthy hearts - but  will there 
be any left?].... well come out a nd help us subvert the dominant  paradigm.


This is literally  a group for any activist to get involved in...

For more information on OPIRG-Carleton's *oldest* Working Group
[since 1991!] please see our awardwinning  website on sandelman's 
webspace: http://www.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca/dams

Please RSVP if attending the meeting.

Any questions? RSVP'ing? email dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca


Dianne Murray
Coordinator, Dam-Reservoir Working Group	
Webmistress, Dam-Reservoir Information & Impact Archive
listserv-owner/manager, dam-l

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

"WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM" - anonymous bumpersticker

"A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself." Franklin Delano Reoposevelt

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution!" Emma Goldman

"If I cannot find a way, I will make one" - Hannibal, general of Carthage's 
army, who took *elephants* over the Alps.

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