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[OPIRG-EVENTS] People- & Planet-Friendly Events, Courses, Films, Broadcasts, Links (2001/01/17)

Revised Wednesday January 17, 2001 - part 1 of 2
& SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENTS, workshops, courses, festivals, 
films, broadcasts, resources & jobs in Ontario & beyond. 
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*** CONTENTS ***
(A) EVENTS, Films, Broadcasts, Courses, Links  (part 1)
(B) Other Announcements, Resources, Links  (will follow in Part 2)
(C) About the People- & Planet-Friendly  (will follow in Part 2)

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New/modified listings (since Jan. 11) are indicated by 
an asterisk (*). In order by start date.  

* Events in Toronto, Alton, Caledon, Guelph, Hamilton, 
Oshawa, Craigleith, Ottawa, internet webcast, CBC radio.

* ECO-FREAKO - live premiere (Thurs Jan 18, 2:20pm) OR 
recorded (any time afterwards). A live, weekly webcast dedicated 
to activism, ecology & justice. Hosted by Tooker Gomberg. 
http://www.epress.ca  ...click E-weekly shows, Eco-Freako, Epress 
Vod. Premiere: (1) Inside the Christmas Action against Nuclear 
Bombs: members of the Dutch Peace Action Camp "knip" through 
the fence surrounding the Volkel NATO base & alert the world to 
the presence of American nuclear weapons, considered illegal in 
international law; Tooker gets arrested & deported. (2) The journey 
of Wayne Scott, passionate bicyclist & former courier who fought 
the Canadian government for permission to deduct the cost of his 
fuel, namely food, from his taxes. And he won! (3) MediaProbe. 
What are the pack media chasing this week? What are they 
missing? (4) Do It! The "take action" segment that gets YOU into 
the picture. If you can't watch it on your computer... drop by an 
internet cafe or contact us for VHS copies. What are people doing 
in your community to make change? Drop us a line and tell us your 
stories of activism, ecology, and justice; grab a video camera & 
send us your tapes of activism at the grassroots. tooker@web.ca 
(Gomberg & Greenspiration) (related: http://www.Greenspiration.org )

18, 7-9pm, Toronto. How to get your event, organization or 
opinion media attention in an urban environment: everything from 
how to poster to how to 'pitch' your story. With Claudia Mc Koy, 
event coordinator & marketing rep for the Toronto Women's 
Bookstore, and producer & promoter of jazz & spoken word 
events. Free. Pendarves Room, International Student Centre, 
33 St. George St., just north of College. More info: Claudia 
416-922-8744 [related: http://www.womensbookstore.com 
http://www.campuslife.utoronto.ca/groups/opirg ]

7pm, Toronto. Full-length film documenting the meaning & events 
of the Seattle protests; followed by discussion. Free/donation. 
DEC Bookroom, 836 Bloor W. (Ossington subway) 416-899-1578. 
[related: http://www.thisisdemocracy.org  
http://www.indymedia.org  http://www.mob4glob.ca ]

* TRIALS ON POVERTY, Thurs Jan 18, 6-8pm, Toronto. Those 
involved with pending anti-poverty activist trials & lawsuits speak 
about their work. U of T grad student governor Elan Ohayon; 
Allen Gardens Project; constitutional challenge of the Safe Streets 
Act. With Peter Rosenthal & Vilko Zbogar (lawyer & law student 
leading the challenge against the Safe Streets Act); Elan Ohayon; 
Selwyn Pieters (law student & human rights activist); Oriel Varga 
(anti-poverty activist). Free. U of T. Sid Smith Bldg., Room 2110, 
100 St. George, south of Harbord. More info: Erin 416-782-6881 

* HERITAGE HUNTING & FISHING ACT, Fri Jan 19 (12-2pm) 
& Sat Jan 20 (11-2pm), Toronto. The Harris government will soon 
introduce its Heritage Hunting & Fishing Act and Fish & Wildlife 
Commission. Informal workshop to exchange info & strategize on 
ways to raise awareness & launch opposition to these ridiculous 
but dangerous Harris initiatives. Bringing together environmental, 
animal protection & social justice advocates, opposition party 
representatives, media, academics. Room 204, Innis College, 
2 Sussex Ave (just south of St. George subway). More info: Anita 
Krajnc Peaceful Parks Coalition akrajn@chass.utoronto.ca 
416-922-0973 http://peacefulparks.engine.ca

LIFE UNDER MIKE, Fri Jan 19, 7pm, Toronto. A madcap, David 
& Goliath tale... Mike Harris & the Common Sense Revolution. 
Homelessness, foodbanks, weakening of the labour movement, 
sweatshops. Interviews with John Kenneth Galbraith, Charles 
Kernaghan and Jack Layton. Music by Dylan & Springsteen. 
$3/$4/$7. Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St. W. (Bathurst subway). 
416-516-2330 http://www.bloorcinema.com  http://www.guerrillafilms.org  
[see also http://www.mikeharrispc.com  and 
http://www.eye.net/eye/issue/issue_12.28.00/news/harris.html ]

FAIR TRADE COFFEE, Fri Jan 19, 7:30pm & Thurs Jan 18 - 
Mon Jan 22, Hamilton/across Canada. Interactive slide show: the 
impact of our consumer choices on the lives of producers in 
developing countries; background about fair trade; in practice in 
Mexico; questions & discussion. Fair trade coffee will be served - 
bring your reusable mug. Free. (Also, "Faces of Coffee" photo 
exhibition: Gilmour Hall Council Chambers 9:30-5pm on Thurs 
Jan 18, Sat Jan 20, Mon Jan 22). Part of Equiterre's educational 
tour to 20 cities across central & eastern Canada. CNH room B107, 
McMaster University. More info: Terri  liutt@mcmaster.ca 

* URBAN SPRAWL FLYOVER, Fri Jan 19, 7:30-10pm, 
Alton/Caledon Hills. A virtual flyover of Caledon & the GTA, and 
discussion about urban development in Caledon. A hi-tech, big 
screen presentation: you'll really feel like you are flying over the 
local landscape. The magnitude of the gravel pits & our modest 
tree cover will become more evident than ever. $10/person (food 
included) SGI Centre (Orphen Lake), Hwy 136, just north of Alton 
(south of Orangeville). More info: Nicola Ross, Caledon 
Countryside Alliance 519-927-0548 nross@woodrising.com 
[regular meetings usu. last Friday each month]

THE WHOLE VILLAGE, Sun Jan 21, 10am-noon, Caledon.  
Information/orientation meeting. Creating an ecologically 
sustainable & environmentally sensitive farming community; 
protecting & enhancing natural habitat through conservation 
easements & other means. All welcome. Potluck lunch (noon). 
At Karalane Farm (future site of the village), 20725 Shaws Creek 
Road, Caledon. RSVP/directions: Jeff Gold 519-941-1099 
jgold@netrover.com http://www.wholevillage.org 
[related: http://www.cohousing.org  http://www.gaia.org ]

INTRO TO PERMACULTURE, Mon Jan 22, 6-8pm, Toronto. 
Permaculture is a sustainable design system stressing the 
harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the 
Earth. Anna Gibson, permaculture designer, will introduce you to 
the real world of permaculture -- and show how you can apply it to 
your community garden plot, backyard or just about anywhere. $5. 
Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College (east of Spadina) More info: 
Laura Berman 416-392-1668 or cgnetwork@foodshare.net  

Toronto. With mayoral runner-up & environmental activist Tooker 
Gomberg. All welcome to express their opinions & concerns. Free. 
Toronto City Hall (check at reception for room #), Bay & Queen. 
c4ld@yahoo.com 416-489-4090 http://www.geocities.com/c4ld/

* ETHICAL INVESTING, Mon Jan 22, 7pm, Ottawa. Monthly. 
Glebe Community Centre, the Library, 690 Lyon St. RSVP Ahti 
Tolvanen fenburn@usa.net 819-684-7773 or Guillaume Belanger 
gbkl@cuic.ca 613/819-237-1768.

* THE END OF THE WILD, Mon-Tues Jan 22-23, 9:05pm, CBC 
radio. Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis is both an old-
fashioned explorer and a modern scientist; he's written many 
popular books, and traveled the world from Haiti to Borneo 
researching how sacred plants are used in native cultures. ...how 
indigenous peoples can teach us lessons about the riches found in 
both the spirit & material worlds. On "Ideas", CBC Radio One, 
across Canada (FM 99.1 in Toronto; also shortwave, satellite & 
internet RealAudio) Full schedule (several months) available at: 
http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/  "Ideas" airs Mondays-
Fridays 9:05pm Eastern time. Cassettes & transcripts available.

* KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Tues Jan 23, 7-9pm, Toronto. Legal 
rights & activism. Rose Wolfe Room, International Student Centre, 
33 St. George, just north of College. Free, all welcome. More info: 
OPIRG Toronto 416-978-7770 opirg@campuslife.utoronto.ca 
[ http://www.campuslife.utoronto.ca/groups/opirg ]

(MOB4GLOB), Tues Jan 23, 7pm, Toronto. General meeting. All 
welcome. At the Centre for Social Justice 489 College St., 3rd 
floor. http://mai.flora.org/forum/  (news on international, WTO, 
environmental, labour & many other issues)  http://www.mob4glob.ca

* ANTI-RACISM WORKSHOP, Wed Jan 24, 6-9pm, Toronto. 
Cumberland Room, International Student Centre, 33 St. George, 
just north of College. Free, all welcome. More info: OPIRG 
Toronto 416-978-7770 opirg@campuslife.utoronto.ca 
[ http://www.campuslife.utoronto.ca/groups/opirg ]

* FAIRTRADE COFFEE, Wed Jan 24, 7:30-9:30pm, Toronto. An 
evening on fairtrade coffee with Normand Roy, recently returned 
from Guatemala, and Isabelle Saint Germain, coordinator of 
Equiterre's "A Just Coffee" project. Free. Alternative Grounds, 333 
Roncesvalles Ave. (south of Dundas subway). More info: Linda 
Burnside info@alternativegrounds.com 416-534-6335 
[ http://www.alternativegrounds.com  http://www.equiterre.qc.ca ]

* WATER & MALTHUS, Wed Jan 24, 9:05pm, CBC radio. In 25 
years a quarter of the countries in the world will run out of water. 
Water shortages will ignite conflicts in the developing world. The 
U.S. needs our water now. On "Ideas", CBC Radio One, across 
Canada (FM 99.1 in Toronto; also shortwave, satellite & internet 
RealAudio) Full schedule (several months) available at: 
http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/ideas/  "Ideas" airs Mondays-
Fridays 9:05pm Eastern time. Cassettes & transcripts available.

Craigleith/Blue Mountain. Winter Break 2001 - downhill & cross-
country skiiing, hiking & networking for the parks & environment 
community. Buses from Toronto, London or Cambridge. $30-$80 
one day, $165-$185 overnight. More info/register: Mark Inglis 
inglism@mmm.ca 905-882-7242 or John Hannah 519-740-4681, 
Arthur Beauregard 416-392-0724, Tony DeJongh 519-442-7900, 
Andy Goldie 519-837-5618. Ontario Parks Assoc.

Jan 26-28, Guelph. Canada's largest public, organic event. Organic 
trade show: organic food tasting & marketing fair (Sat 8.30am-
5:30pm & Sun 9am-4pm, FREE). Dozens of workshops & courses 
for all interest levels (all day Sat & Sun): organic home gardening, 
one-acre gardening as a lifestyle, home-craft organic products, 
organic cotton & textiles, herbs, organic processing, biotechnology 
& its relationship to organics, compost techniques, orcharding, 
BioDynamics, more. Eco-Agriculture course (Thur-Fri noon 
$130). Organic buffet / meet the presenters (Fri 4:15-6:45pm, $35). 
Forum: The Global Challenge for Organic Farming Systems, with 
Dr. Ann Clark (Plant Ag. prof.); Brewster Kneen (on corporate 
agendas, the WTO & organics; http://www.ramshorn.bc.ca ); 
Bernward Geier (IFOAM/Germany) (Fri 7-9:15pm, $10). Keynote: 
Dr. Ann Clark 'The Road Ahead' (Sat 9:15am). Entire program is 
located at Guelph University Centre. More info/schedule: 519-824-
4120 ext. 2558. Sponsorship or trade list inquiries: Tomas Nimmo 
705-444-0923. organix@georgian.net  http://www.gks.com/OrgConf/ 
[related site http://www.organicadvocates.org ]

* PUBLIC INTEREST SCHOOL, Fri-Sun Jan 26-28, Ottawa. 
Learn valuable activist skills; meet other activists from across 
Ontario & beyond; find out about ongoing social justice campaigns 
& issues. Billetting & transport from Toronto available. Movies & 
discussions: "This is What Democracy Looks Like"; "A Force 
More Powerful: A History of Non-Violent Struggle", 
"Turbulence". Workshops: Planning Strategically for Social 
Change (a hands-on, fun workshop for both experienced & new 
activists, with Diana Ralph, professor of Social Work); 
Consumerism (in French); Radical Cheerleaders (cheerleading as it 
was meant to be! - activists from across Norh America shout it 
loud & proud that it's time for change; prepare a routine, 
performance or a series of creatively choreographed chants); 
Nuclear Phase-Out & Alternative Energy (Kristen Ostling, 
Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout); Privatization & Corporatization 
of Campuses (Neil Tudiver, author of "Universities for Sale" & 
others); Reusable Pad-Making Workshop; Privilege & Oppression 
(Matt Lundie & Liz Hall); Activism Online (Mike Gifford); 
L'activisme au Vietnam (Dominique Potvin, French) More info: 
OPIRG-Toronto 416-978-7770 opirg@campuslife.utoronto.ca

* RENEWAL OF THE EARTH - Creating a Climate for Change, 
Sat Jan 27, 9am-1:15pm, Hamilton. The economic model which 
we, our corporations & governments uphold, and the rest of the 
world is told to copy, is simply unsustainable. Our insatiable 
appetite for energy & resources is causing dramatic climate 
change, and displacing & destroying the livelihood of peoples 
around the world. Ecological footprint workshop; personal action 
on global warming; political action on Kyoto Protocol; Export 
Development Corp.; aboriginal land rights in Canada; restoring 
right relations.  With Fr. Paul Hansen. Free. Canadian Martyrs 
Church, 38 Emerson (at Main W.; opposite McMaster Medical 
Centre). Ten Days for Global Justice (a program of five national 
churches). More info: Glynis Maxwell 905-637-3110 or Joy 
Warner 905-521-0017 http://www.web.net/~tendays  

* REDUCING PESTICIDES, Sun Jan 28, 7-9pm, Oshawa. With 
Bonnie Henderson (CAW Council Environment Committee), Sue 
McGregor-Hunter (Peterborough Green-Up, a non-profit that 
provides Peterborough area with practical info & support to make 
sustainable lifestyle choices in the areas of waste, energy, water 
efficiency & greenspace management. CAW Durham Regional 
Environment Council. Free/donation. CAW Local 222 Hall, 1425 
Phillip Murray Ave (at Wentworth), Oshawa. More info: Eileen 
Corbet local222@idirect.com 905-723-1187 
http://www.cawlocal222.com or Dave Renaud 
keepitgreen@hogansalley.com http://www.hogansalley.com/cawdrec  
(regular meetings 4th Sunday monthly, same time & place)

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