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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Volunteers

As many of you have probably heard, the earthquake which hit Central
America has had a disasterous effect in El Salvador.
Although there is an enormous need for long term rebuilding, there is
also a need for short term aid across the country.
Currently the Red Cross is collecting money for efforts they are

This coming week - in late afternoon, evenings and on weekend, boxes are
to be located in several malls to collect moneys for the work to be

None of this money will be going to the government in El Salvador, but
is to be channelled through the Red Cross efforts.

Volunteers are needed to be at the locations in the malls to collect.
If there are people who can donate time - a few hours on Tues to Friday
evening or on the weekend could you please contact Sandy at 228-8544, or
through reply to my email, giving times and days available. Area of city
preferred or accessible for you (eg South Keys, Orleans, etc) would also
be helpful.
You would then be contacted by the coordinator re scheduling.

Thank you
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