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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Radioactivists call to arms

To the extended nuclear (anti of course) family of The OPIRG Radioactivists, i
am writing you from ground zero, OPIRG's own home office to let you in on our
plentiful plans   for the planet and all of humanity- but i guess i'll just
start with the basics.

Our Next meeting will be held at 1:30 pm Wendesday, January 31, 2001 in OPIRG

    In our table of four we have decided to change the date of our alternative
energy fair from February 7th to March 7th of the year of 2001 (for those of you
still huddling in your bomb shelters in anticipation of this new year.)
 Our change of date was brought about in order that we, as students have decided
not to cross any picket lines, should our event correspond with a T.A. strike
that may come abour soon.
 At our newly scheduled event on March 7th, we will be honoured by speakers who
will warm our hearts with stories of solar energy, those who will chill us with
tales of nuclear abomination, and others consume us with tales of wind and solar
alternatives.  Other possible topics may include recumbant bicycles, alternative
transportation and whatever YOUR heart desires (within limits)
 SO if you have any suggestions on events or speakers, if you want to help to
plan, if you would like us to reschedule our meeting, or even if you just want
to chat.
 COntact us now and remain activist.

Peace and Power,

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