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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Carleton's TAs and RAs Strike tomorrow!!

OPIRG-Carleton supports the TAs and RAs (CUPE 4600) on strike!! Wednesday,
January 31, 2001 starting at 7am.

OPIRG views this struggle as a focal point to the on-going battle for accessible
and quality education. The Feds have been cutting, the Province has been
cutting, and now privatization is another blow to publicly funded post-secondary
education. At this point in time... this is where students have the power to
impact this slide towards a loss in accessible education. The TAs and RAs strike
is an opportunity to force administration to confront the real issues that face
our University.

OPIRG-Carleton will be located at the Strike Headquarters, 512 Bank St.,
566-2111. More information about OPIRGs operations will be on our voice mail at
520-2757. For info regarding CUPE 4600 and the strike, check out
www.cupe.ca/4600 .

*join the picket lines
*don't cross the picket lines
*don't go to class
*phone (520-3801), write (Richard Van Loon, President, 601D Robertson Hall,
Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, K1S 5B6) or e-mail
(President_office@carleton.ca) the Carleton University Administration.

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