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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Aaron Freeman lecture

WHAT:	Lecture on Canadian Political Donation System
WHERE:  McNabb Community Centre, Assembly Hall
WHO:	Democracy Watch

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Press Release/Announcement

Deep Throat, of Watergate fame, advised Woodward and Bernstein to 
"Follow the money."

Aaron Freeman, an ex-Nader Raider, will similarly expose the 
loopholes in the Canadian political donation system.

McNabb Community Centre - Assembly Hall, 180 Percy St at Gladstone on 
Tuesday, Feb 27th beginning at 7:15 p.m. Seating limited to 150. 
Admission free.

Profile of Aaron Freeman

Aaron Freeman is a writer and advocate on government ethics and corporate
accountability issues.

A former "Nader's Raider" at Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of
Responsive Law in Washington, D.C., Aaron is also a founding director of
Democracy Watch, an Ottawa-based citizen advocacy organization.  For seven
years, Democracy Watch has been a leading voice on issues such as money in
politics, reform of the lobbying industry, consumer rights, community
reinvestment and access to basic financial services.

During the debate over the federal government's overhaul of Canada's
election law in 1999-2000, Aaron was widely credited with almost
single-handedly holding the government's feet to the fire on money in
politics issues.  Through Democracy Watch, he organized more than 50 groups
in a coalition that advocated closing the loopholes in Canada's political
fundraising system that allow wealthy special interests to have privileged
access and influence to Canada's political system.

Aaron is a regular columnist with The Hill Times, Canada's parliamentary
newspaper, and his articles and editorials regularly appear in many of
Canada's other leading newspapers and publications.  In 1994, he won a
Project Censored Canada award for a piece he co-wrote on the hidden costs
of corporate crime, published in the Toronto Star.  He recently stepped
down after six years as the associate editor of the Washington-based
Multinational Monitor magazine, and he remains a regular contributor.

Aaron is a graduate of McGill University and the Faculty of Law at the
University of Ottawa, where he was awarded the Gowling Strathy & Henderson
Prize for International Trade Law.

Aaron lives in Ottawa where he operates an advocacy and communications
consultancy that assists non-profit organizations.

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