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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Community-based development program

WHAT:  Community Development Leadership Certificate
for Women. 
WHEN:  May 14 to June 8, 2001  (deadline for
application Feb 15)
WHERE: Antigonish, NS, CANADA

Yes, yes I know. It's not in Ontario.  But I didn't
think it fair to keep this event to the NSPIRGers.  I
found this on a CIVICUS list-serve, whose mandate is
to link different sectors of "civil society".  All the
contact info is below.  PLEASE pass this on verbally
or post outside the e-world, so as to avoid making
this an opportunity only for those with Internet

Please read on if you're intrigued; please excuse me
if the announcement exceeds the mandate of this

Greg Y-L


Development organizations around the world are working
to reduce women's poverty and improve women's position
in society.  To meet these challenges, organizations
recognize that they must increase the number of
qualified women in leadership positions and build
their capacity to become effective decision-makers. 
As a result of their gender, however,
women frequently have more difficulty obtaining the
knowledge and skill required.

The Community Development Leadership Certificate for
Women will help participants reflect on their
experiences and examine the gendered dimensions of
their organization and work while improving skills 
related to professional development programming.  This
innovative four-week program is intended for women who
are interested in moving into management and
leadership positions and who have at least 3 years
experience in community-based development. The
workshop format will
emphasize active participation and the exchange of
ideas among participants within a collaborative
learning environment.

Closing date:  15 February 2001.

VENUE: Antigonish, NS, CANADA
ENQUIRIES: M Toogood, Registrar
Tel:  (+1) (902)  867-3953  Fax:  (+1) (902)  867-3907
E-mail:  mtoogood@stfx.ca  WWW: 

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