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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Pesticide Working Group (HDUUP) February 12

Abridged from HDUUP meeting notice sent by Mike Christie (thanks).

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WHO: Health Dangers of the Urban Use of Pesticide Working Group

WHAT: meeting (topics could include: virus vectors, future events,
      campaign updates, announcements, coalition building).
      Coffee will be provided and if you can remember to bring 
      your own mugs it will be appreciated. 
WHEN: 12 February 2001
      7:00 pm

WHERE: Billings Room , 111 Lisgar St, 2nd Floor

     For details or a meeting package, and to confirm attendance, please 
CONTACT: Marie.Wellman@city.ottawa.on.ca
         (ph) 580-2477      
         (fax) 580-2517   

Related upcoming events:

* HC Environmental and Occupational Toxicology Seminar, Ottawa, 
  February 19, 2001

* Healthy Lawns Working Group Meeting, Alymer, March 1-2 2001
* Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report, March 26, 2001 at 9 p.m PBS
* Pest Management Advisory Council Meeting, Ottawa, March 27, 2001
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