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[OPIRG-EVENTS] DRWG meeting: Sat. 17th Feb... 2 pm

OPIRG-Carleton's oldest working group wants YOU!

You are invited to join DRWG...

drop me a line at:
dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca or phone 520-2757 and leave a message for 
Dianne or Jean Lee.

The Dam-Reservoir Working Group will meet THIS SATURDAY afternoon @ 
2 p.m. at the Second Cup, located at the corner of Bank & Somerset W. 

RSVP:  dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca

If you are concerned about declining fish stocks, the situation at 
Chaina's Three Gorges or India's Sardar Sarovar/Narmada Projects or
any other large scale project that harms or will harm aquatic habitat as
well as displacing people from their homes and doing in their livlihoods 
as farmers and fishers, if you care about the cetaceans [dolphins and whales]
bivalves [clams and mussells and suchforth] and are interested in restoration 
ecology, if you want to make sure there are salmon and whitefish and 
other fish in the waters of this world as well as air to breathe and potable 
water and non salinated soil to grow crops on for our children's children's
children - cwell, contact us! :)

New members most welcome. Come on out and help us get the word out.

Current focuses: protecting aquatic habitat and creatures and 
fundraising for bringing in speakers and lobbying, and updating our 
pioneering & awardwinning website!

Press inquiries welcome.  Find out how too much water "development" threatens
the world's oxygen levels!

for the phytoplankton and Gaia,

Dianne Murray
Coordinator, Dam-Reservoir Working Group	
Webmistress, Dam-Reservoir Information & Impact Archive
listserv-owner/manager, dam-l

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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