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[OPIRG-EVENTS] haymarket submissions due march third.

if you haven't heard yet, haymarket (issue number four) is in the works.  we are accepting submissions of poetry, drawings, prose, articles, cartoons, rants,pretty much anything you can put on paper.  we encourage new artists and writers to submit.

submissions are due march fourth by six o'clock.  to send them in, you can e-mail them to zine666@hotmail.com, or bring them by 61 argyle (on the corner of argyle and elgin, across from the cop shop) on saturday march fourth at six and attend our meeting, or you can drop them in the mailbox at anytime, as long as they're in an envelope clearly marked for 'haymarket' or 'karen emily'.
if you have any questions, feel free to call me at 567-8647.

haymarket is a local, radical, zine that talks about global and local issues, as well as promoting and covering local events.  if you are part of a local activist/political (i don't mean party politics) group that wants more exposure, feel free to write us a short blurb.  we also advertise local events on our last page, so send any upcoming events (occuring after april first) to zine666@hotmail.com

looking forward to hearing from all of you
karen emily
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